Police warning public about new synthetic opioid emerging in Durham

Police have issued a warning to the public about of a ‘dangerous’ new synthetic opioid that is emerging in Durham Region.

According to the DRPS, a laboratory analysis of a purple substance seized in an investigation back in June came back as a mixture of Fentanyl and isotonitazene, a synthetic opioid as dangerous as Fentanyl and 100 times more powerful than morphine.

“It is a prohibited substance in Canada and has been found mixed with other drugs in several overdose deaths in North America. Like fentanyl, a small amount can trigger a near-instant overdose,” reads a media release.

The substance was seized On June 16, 2020, officers were called to a parking lot at a plaza on Westney Road and Kingston Road in Ajax on June 16.

“A 36-year-old Ajax male drove into the back of a parked car and showed obvious signs of impairment,” reads a media release.

“Officers arrived and discovered what appeared to be a small baggie of purple heroin in the vehicle, which was sent off to the lab for testing.”

The man was taken to hospital and blood samples later came back confirming the presence of Fentanyl in his system.

He was later charged with impaired operation.

Anyone with new information about this drug in Durham Region is asked to contact the DRPS Drug Enforcement Unit at 1-888-579-1520, ext. 5802.