‘The good definitely outweighs the bad’ in Beaverton

Re: Township councillors taking action following alleged racism in Beaverton.

I’m going to be completely honest here. Yes, it does clearly seem like there is two sides to this specific story and, yes, the details being revealed seem quite believable. But I have been living here in Beaverton for four years, temporarily owned a business here, have family members who work locally in town as well and I will say one thing – racism does exist around the area.

We don’t run into it every day but we do feel it is present when we go about our daily jobs, stand in grocery lines, run errands, attend school, etc.

It does hurt us to see and feel it because we try our best to get along with everyone and not step on anyone’s toes but my point is it exists nonetheless.

On a good note, I am extremely grateful however that it was never as bad as it could’ve been.

We were super worried that we wouldn’t be accepted but overall we have loved living here and our neighbors had made us feel so welcome that we were at ease! We were greeted on the very first day by neighbors from all ends that came to our door to welcome us into the community. We were and still are eternally grateful for our community and the way they have given us mutual respect. The good definitely outweighs the bad in this town.

Its not all of Beaverton’s fault for the actions of those bad apples.

Fatima Bodi

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