Residents have no shortage of concerns about supportive housing project

Township council has already received more than a dozen letters from residents concerned with Durham Region’s plan to build a SUPPORTIVE HOUSING COMPLEX in Beaverton.


The supportive housing project in Beaverton should be shelved until the town has the proper infrastructure to support it.

Currently, we have no doctors or a decent police presence in town. We are being advised, however, that suddenly there will be both to support these people and keep the peace.

How will these people shop ? We have no grocery store within walking distance and no cab available to go out to the highway.

Our sidewalks are crumbling and some are closed in the winter. Our roads are terrible. What’s in this proposal for the residents of Beaverton that actually pay taxes?

Shirley Wiche


After careful thought, as a taxpayer and resident, i wish to share my response to your planned housing unit for the homeless in the town of Beaverton. i am thankful to Mike Jubb and other councillors who through their careful stewardship opposed the project and further support an intense investigation into the feasibility of this location.

Knowing this town well, I oppose your project anywhere in Beaverton.

Beaverton is completely under serviced to respond to the needs of this incoming proposed population. Regardless of who owns the [and adjacent to Gillespie Gardens, it is utterly foolhardy to put such a vulnerable population adjacent to an existing vulnerable seniors residence in a town with a fragile economy.

In short, putting this facility anywhere in Beaverton is a big mistake and those who voted to do so also know it is a mistake. In fact, those who made the decision have demonstrated that they are unworthy of holding public office.

It is also my belief that there are viable and impactful solutions that must be explored before such a detrimental decision is made.

As elected officials you are compelled to explore all options and protect the community of taxpayers that already have built lives and homes in Beaverton.

Consider a structure that would actually rebuild the lives of the homeless and not disturb the well being of the entire community. The liability of your decision rests with each of you and the members of the Beaverton community hold you accountable.

Mary Ellen Empringham


On July 29, regional council approved the development of a modular supportive housing project of approximately 50 units and the construction of an approximate 5,000-square-foot ancillary structure to provide a combination of support services and congregate livingon regional land located at 133 Main Street in Beaverton. The project has an estimated cost of $13,552,990 to be funded from the reallocation of the proposed $5,620,900 in Ontario Priorities Housing Initiative and $7,932,090 from the Social Housing Reserve Fund.

As a resident of Beaverton – population 2,800 – I have numerous concerns with this project notably how the Region of Durham will attract and retain the social services to assist the residents of this project.

The residents of Beaverton have come together to voice our concern and at the latest count more than 1,700 residents have signed a petition.

As a taxpayer, I am concerned that $13.6 million of taxpayers’ money is being spent on a project that I feel will not meet its objective as the rural community of Beaverton will not be able to attract, retain and provide social services to this housing project.

I feel that this project should be built on land the Region of Durham owns in the GTA where existing services, transit and infrastructure will enable the residents to recover and prosper.

I appreciate your support to ask the Region of Durham to provide evidence that they have a plan to ensure the success of this $13.6 Million project.

Peter Bornemisa

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