Lindsay resident scammed out of $31,000

Police are investigating after a Lindsay resident was allegedly scammed out of $31,000.

According to police, the suspect involved posed as an employee living and working on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico and cultivated an online relationship with the victim over the course of the previous year.

“During their online communication, the suspect convinced the victim to transfer large sums of money into bank accounts in the United States in order to pay for equipment he required for his employment,” reads a media release.

The victim reportedly began to doubt the explanations for requiring so much money offered by the suspect and contacted police.

“COVID-19 has led many people to increase the amount of time they spend meeting new people and chatting with others on social media,” the media release states.

“Fraudsters are very skilled at taking advantage of such opportunities to exploit vulnerable people during stressful times like the one we’re living in.  Please touch base with your friends and family who you fear may fall victim to an online fraud. Warn them of the dangers posed by meeting new people online.  And remember to never share your own personal information with a person who contacts you by telephone or the Internet unless you can verify their authenticity.”

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