Township council trying to address traffic safety concerns on King Street in Beaverton


Township council is looking at a quick fix to address concerns about speeding on King Street in Beaverton.

The agenda for Monday’s (Sept. 21) meeting included a pair of letters from concerned residents calling for increased police enforcement in the area – which includes Beaverton Public School as well as a municipal park – and the addition of sidewalks on both sides of the street.

“The addition of sidewalks to this area is really important, my family has to stop on the road to watch and wait for passing cars before we continue walking – it is quite stressful especially during the winter months where snow and frosted windshields add an extra layer of danger,” wrote Julie Lindsay.

“Very few people adhere to the 30-km/h speed limit and there are children walking to and from the school and park area. Additionally, there is a lot of other foot traffic,” added Darlene Hopkins in a letter to council.

“Concerned citizens have indicated we need more signage…sidewalks on both sides of the street that pedestrians can actually use (versus the parking of cars for child pick-up) and some speed enforcement.”

While the Durham District School Board has proposed building a new school on the site – as part of the amalgamation of Beaverton Public School and Thorah Central – funding for the project has not been approved by the Province as of yet and there is currently no timeline for construction.

With that in mind, Ward 1 Councillor Mike Jubb brought forward a motion calling municipal staff to paint the road in front of the school and park and prepare a report on additional safety measures.

“It’s a short-term fix,” he said.

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