Speeding vehicles still a problem on Parklawn Boulevard in Beaverton

Dear council members:

Thank you for all you are doing to make our Township and Beaverton in particular a safe and wonderful place to live. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

Making Parklawn Boulevard in Beaverton a Community Safety Zone and reducing the speed limit to 40 km/h was a step in the right direction but it has not deterred the speed with which people drive along Parklawn.

There are many people who walk, many who are elderly, push people in wheelchairs from the Manor, walk their dogs, and kids who ride their bicycles along Parklawn.

There are no sidewalks, vehicles are allowed to park and in some cases there are up to six to eight vehicles in a row parked. I myself have had to bail into the ditch when vehicles driving too fast race along Parklawn, especially when there are vehicles coming in both directions or they are trying to race to be first past the parked cars.

I would like to see the type of speed deterrents used on the road to the harbour installed along Parklawn and ‘No Parking’ signs put up. This would make this stretch of road much safer for all of us who walk on this street, in my humble opinion.

I would like to see this request added to the agenda of your next council meeting please. Thank you for your consideration.

Pat Smith

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