Staff member at Lakeview Manor tests positive for COVID-19

An outbreak of COVID-19 has been declared at Lakeview Manor in Beaverton.

An update from the Durham Region Health Department Monday (Aug. 31) notes that a staff member has tested positive and it has not spread to residents thus far.

The staff member does not live in Durham Region.

“Institutional outbreaks of COVID-19 are those that occur in long-term care homes, retirement homes and hospitals. An outbreak is the occurrence of disease to a greater extent than is expected and in the case of COVID-19 even one case in a long-term care home or one instance of transmission to another patient in a hospital is considered an outbreak. Ongoing outbreaks are those currently underway and concluded outbreaks are those which are declared over,” reads a notice from the Region.

“Cases and deaths that occur in relation to an institutional outbreak can include residents, health care workers or other staff that live or work in that institution.  Staff who live outside of Durham Region are not included in our count of cases or deaths; this information is included in the data of the local public health unit where the staff live. A Durham Region institution may be listed with zero cases if the only cases linked to that outbreak are staff who live outside of the region.”

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