Sunderland Public School will take ‘additional steps’ to protect students from sex offender living in the area

A teacher living with a convicted sex offender in Sunderland will not be working at the village’s public school when students head back to class next week.

While few details have been publicly shared by the Durham District School Board, an email from Principal Laura Noone shared on social media notes that the staff member in question will no longer be working at the school.

“I recognize that this is an already stressful time for families and understand the heightened caution that many are experiencing. I want to take this opportunity to follow up on the concerns that have been expressed from the community about a staff member new to the school,” the email reads.

“The teacher will no longer be teaching at the school and the board will be undertaking an internal review of their processes with a view to improving structures and practices.”

Dozens of residents living in the area of Antioch Court have raised concerns about Thomas Grieve, a former teacher in Whitby who was accused of sexually assaulting more than a dozen of his students from 2010 to 2018.

Grieve, who used to live in Scugog Township, was convicted last September of 16 counts of sexual assault and sexual interference. He was sentenced to 720 days in jail on Jan. 7.

He was released from custody a day later (Jan. 8) pending an appeal of that conviction, according to court officials in Oshawa.

While several conditions were imposed upon his release, none specifically deal with living in close proximity to a school or park.

According to neighbours, Grieve moved to the neighbourhood with his partner in late April or early May.

Staff at Sunderland P.S. will be taking additional measures to ensure the safety of students according to Noone.

“I will be briefing the school staff on the concerns expressed by the community to ensure that they are aware when supervising the children during outdoor time. During supervision duties, staff will be taking measures to ensure the safety of the children attending our school,” the email reads.

“The administration and staff at Sunderland Public School have the utmost care and concern for our students. We want to work to ensure that families continue to trust us with your most precious treasures.”

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