Township animal shelter receives $5,000 grant

The Township of Brock Dench Animal Shelter is delighted to be selected as a recipient of one of the Hill’s Disaster Relief grants in the amount of $5,000.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition Canada and Humane Canada value the lifesaving work and efforts performed by animal welfare organizations and animal care and control agencies every day. Hill’s Pet Nutrition Canada and Humane Canada recognized that organizations were facing hardships as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic and wanted to help.

“We are grateful to have been a recipient of this grant, which will help us to continue to do our important animal rescue work,” said Mayor Debbie Bath-Hadden.

The shelter has seen a steady increase in the number of homeless and unwanted animals arriving at the shelter. Equally challenging, there has been a decrease in charitable donations and difficulty accessing veterinary care. The animal shelter provides a wide range of services to helpless animals everyday including medical care, spay-neutering services, vaccinations, microchips, and animal enrichment. The Hill’s Disaster Relief Grant will help to ease the burden placed upon the shelter as a result of COVID-19. The goal is to provide exceptional care and to find every cat and dog a permanent, loving home.

The Dench Animal Shelter envisions a future where there are no abused, abandoned, neglected, or homeless animals.


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