Convicted sex offender reportedly living in Sunderland

Numerous parents in Sunderland have raised concerns after word spread that a man convicted of sexually assaulting children was reportedly living near the village’s public school.

Multiple residents living in the area of Antioch Court have contacted The Brock Voice regarding Thomas Grieve, a former teacher who was accused of sexually assaulting more than a dozen of his students from 2010 to 2018.

Grieve, who used to live in Scugog Township, was convicted last September of 16 counts of sexual assault and sexual interference. He was sentenced to 720 days in jail on Jan. 7.

During the sentencing hearing, the judge reportedly noted that Grieve “did not express a murmur of remorse” as the trial unfolded.

He was released from custody a day later (Jan. 8) pending an appeal of that conviction, according to court officials in Oshawa.

While several conditions were imposed upon his release, none specifically deal with living in close proximity to a school or park.

According to neighbours, Grieve moved to Sunderland with his girlfriend in late April or early May.

Grieve was required to inform the police of any address change, per the terms of his release, though multiple officials with the DRPS would not confirm that he had moved to Sunderland.

“I have no information on where this person is living,” said Staff Sergeant Colin Shaw, though he did acknowledge that at least one complaint from the public had been received.

While that message was echoed by at least two other officials with the DRPS, The Brock Voice has learned that Thomas Grieve is currently listed as the owner of a home in the area.

Multiple residents in the area – who asked to remain anonymous – have also mentioned that police officers on patrol have confirmed that Grieve is currently living on the street.

“It’s so concerning that they chose to move into a house where their yard overlooks the school. This neighborhood is right full of kids,” said one.

“It’s nauseating,” added another.

“I don’t feel comfortable letting my kids play outside. It feels like we’re prisoners in our own home.”

Under the conditions of his release, Grieve is not permitted in the company of minors under the age of 16 unless accompanied by his surety or their parent/guardian.

He was also required to surrender his passport and not communicate or be within 100 metres of any of the victims in the case.

Residents in the area are set to host an informal community meeting Tuesday (Aug. 25) evening.

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