Person posing as police officer defrauds Lindsay resident out of nearly $3000
A resident of Lindsay was recently defrauded out of $2750 by a person who allegedly posed as a police officer.

According to Kawartha Lakes Police, the victim reported the incident on Aug. 5, noting she had just sent money to a person who called her claiming to be a detective.

The victim said the caller’s number appeared on her call display as the phone number for the Kawartha Lakes Police Service. Although the victim initially believed the caller to be a legitimate police officer, she began doubting the caller’s story after she transferred the money.

The Kawartha Lakes Police Service would like to remind the public that no legitimate police service or government agency will contact a person by telephone to demand money.  The community should also be cautious of the practice of “number spoofing” in which a caller will disguise their telephone number with a legitimate number from a police service.  The best course of action to ensure you are speaking with a true police officer, or government employee, is to telephone the agency yourself and request to confirm the caller’s identity.

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