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Photographer raises $2,800 in support of Beaverton Legion

A photography fundraiser has helped generate $2,800 in support of the Beaverton Legion.

Held as part of The Front Steps Project, local photographer Adeline Khoo Pettit offered portrait sessions in exchange for a donation of at least $20.

More than 70 appointments and 1,500 photos later, Pettit presented Legion members with a donation of $2,800 earlier this week.

The fundraiser took off like “wildfire,” she said, noting that it was extremely well received by families, businesses and organizations in the township and surrounding area.

“It was great to see everyone dressed up ready for a quick photoshoot. All smiles and having fun, and for a few moments, taking their minds off the uncertainty of this pandemic,” she said.

“I tried to capture each family’s uniqueness, fun vibe and even their quirkiness. Truly unforgettable moments forever etched in history.”

Pettit also thanked all participants for their support.

Photo courtesy of Mike Agnes, Beaverton Legion.

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