‘Non-profits make a difference in Brock’

As a Legion, we have chosen not to respond directly to some social media posts that call into question whether or not Legions and other non-profits are worthy of receiving the Brock Emergency Response Benefit.

To date we have not been eligible for any provincial or federal programs and we have not been allowed to earn one penny of revenue since March 17.

While we won’t speak for others, over our 90 years of service we have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to our community through sponsorships, medical equipment purchases and donations to organizations beyond the Legion that help our veterans, their families, and others in need.

Will the Township of Brock step up and fill that financial void if one or more of us closes our doors?

Yes, there was a sum of money distributed to all Legions by our Command, $3 million, split 1,350 ways, the amount we received did not cover our operating expenses for one month.

We leave it to the people that know and support us and the many other hard-working organizations in Brock and know just exactly how hard we work for every dollar, to decide if we are worthy or not.

Don’t worry, our volunteers will be right here waiting to serve you a great breakfast, give you a warm place to shelter in a storm or comfort you at the passing of a loved one.

Let your elected councillors know that non-profits make a difference in Brock.

Branch #135, Beaverton

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