Durham Region residents being asked to conserve water

With much of the area locked in a heatwave, Durham Region is reminding residents to limit all non-essential indoor and outdoor water use by practising conservation methods.

Limiting all non-essential indoor and outdoor water use includes cleaning driveways or decks, washing cars and lawn watering.

“During extreme hot weather, water conservation is necessary to maintain adequate water levels to deal with emergencies, including fire protection,” reads a notice from the Region.

“Water conservation efforts are important to protect this vital and limited resource, and also helps to extend the life of Durham’s municipal water infrastructure. Whether it’s to help lower your water bill, delay expensive work, or preserve the environment for future generations—using water efficiently benefits us all,” added John Presta, the Region’s director of environmental services.

Residents using our municipal water supply are asked to practise odd-even lawn watering – in which residents with an odd number home address should only water their lawn on odd calendar days and vice versa.

Under Regional bylaw, odd-even lawn watering is mandatory from May to September of each year.

For tips on conserving water, click HERE.



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