Sunderland Lions Club recognized as ‘Heroes at Heart’

The Sunderland Lions Club has been recognized for a recent donation to the Ross Memorial Hospital Foundation.

The Sunderland Lions Club provided $5,000 to the ongoing Heroes at Heart campaign, supporting COVID-related equipment and technology needs and the replacement of the hospital’s electrocardiogram machines (ECGs).

“Members of the Sunderland Lions Club are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those in need. The club’s recent gift to the Ross Memorial Hospital Foundation will have a significant impact on patients of all ages,” reads a press release.

As a means to promote the Heroes at Heart campaign, Dr. Jeremy Jones and the RMH Foundation sent out a letter explaining the emerging needs as the hospital responds to the pandemic.

An ECG machine 12 leads that work like cameras at a sporting event. Each provides a different camera angle, giving a different view of what’s going on in your heart. They’re vitally important to the RMH team, helping to diagnose heart attacks and arrhythmia, as well as non-heart-related issues such as lung disease and kidney failure.

“Sixty-five years ago, the Sunderland Lions Club was established with a goal of serving its community and meeting humanitarian needs. Two generations later, its members are still making a difference,” said Erin Coons, CEO of the RMH Foundation.

“The Sunderland Lions have supported needs throughout the Ross, from the Dialysis Unit to the OR, in the X-ray Department and Cardiac Rehab. This year, their generosity will help the community yet again. They are truly heroes at heart.”

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