Regional chair asks Durham residents to stand together for equality

The following statement is being issued on behalf of John Henry, Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer for The Regional Municipality of Durham:

“Recently, our global community has been shaken to the core, following senseless acts of racism. Many of you are likely feeling a wide range of emotions; trying to understand how these unnecessary acts of violence could occur.

The fight against racism and discrimination is one we all support here in Durham. Remember, we are all human beings; loved by those around us. We need to accept others for who they are, rather than defining people by their beliefs, culture, identity, language, or the colour of their skin.

Be proud that Durham Region is a welcoming place. A place where residents speak almost every language and represent many cultures.

And while we embrace inclusivity and diversity here in Durham Region, I acknowledge that racism still exists, and that there is more work to be done. Let’s use our differences to create opportunities. To ensure civility and respect remain community cornerstones. To showcase why inclusion has been a long-standing core value in our Strategic Plan.

Together, we can push diversity and inclusion forward. Let’s stand together for equality; working together to eliminate racism, discrimination and marginalization.

Let’s stand together to make a difference.”

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