Brock CHC launching new programs for seniors during COVID-19 pandemic

The Brock Community Health Centre has secured funding from the federal government to introduce new programs for seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The local organization is launching three new programs after securing funding through the COVID-19 Seniors Response Fund.

“United Way Canada was mandated to allocate the funds through local United Ways to identify and respond to the needs of seniors (55 years of age and over) affected by COVID-19,” reads a media release from the Brock CHC.

“United Way of Durham Region, working with local partners, identified the local needs and gaps in services and were given funds to allocate to local organizations with the capacity to swiftly assist seniors affected by COVID-19.”

Eligible activities for funding to assist immediate, urgent needs of vulnerable seniors included:

– assisting with basic needs such as food, cleaning, and hygiene products including delivery;

– reducing social isolation such as virtual programing, telephone check-ins, mental health supports; and/or

– enabling agencies to maintain or enhance services such as volunteer and staff retention.

The programs offered by the Brock CHC include:

Grocery Assistance Program – at home delivery of groceries. Subsidies available for those who require it.

Friends in Flight – an opportunity to care for local birds.  Individuals are provided a legend of common local birds to help them identify/report bird sightings.  Seniors are connected with volunteers or other avid bird watchers or program members who monitor activity, drop off additional bird seed as needed, and check in to see how the seniors are coping and managing.

Seeds for the Soul – an opportunity to grow and care for vegetables and herbs.  Individuals are provided with seed containers and soil to create their very own outdoor mini garden.  They are then connected with volunteers or like-minded gardeners to share what they are doing and to allow for check-ins to see how they are coping and managing.

“Brock Community Health Centre is very grateful to be allocated these funds to assist in providing quality and timely service to the residents of Brock Township,” the media release reads.

For more information about the new programs, send an email to jjosephson@brockchc.ca or call 705-432-3322.