Brock CHC hits fundraising goal

The Brock Community Health Centre has hit its fundraising goal.

According to a press release issued Friday (May 15), the organization has reached the target of $450,000 with donations still rolling in.

“We are incredibly thrilled,” said Terri Donovan, chair of the Brock CHC’s fundraising committee.

“The support we have seen for Brock CHC during this campaign has been deeply inspiring. Families, individuals, businesses and organizations have come together to invest in the health and wellness of the community.”

Planning for the capital campaign began little more than year ago in order to secure the non-funded portion of construction costs for a new building in Cannington.

After an initial financial contribution of approximately $100,000 by the Regional Municipality of Durham, the campaign quickly reached over half of its goal.

Since the launch of the public phase just four months ago, the community has rallied together to raise the remaining funds, including more than $100,000 matched by David Slabodkin, a Cannington resident who serves as the CEO of Canada Protection Plan.

Brock CHC is still accepting and receiving gifts to push the final tally even higher, the press release notes.

Executive Director Janet McPherson said that the efforts of volunteers has been key to the success of this fundraising endeavour.

“The passion and commitment of this group of community leaders has been remarkable,” she said.

“Brock CHC is fortunate to have such a dedicated, respected team of volunteers who shared their vision for the new health centre with the community. We are grateful to be part of a community that is so generous and supportive.”

The success of the campaign will better position Brock CHC in meeting the requirements for approval from the provincial government to move to the construction phase of the project.

The majority of the building costs – which are estimated at $9.7 million – is funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

“The new centre will accommodate organizational programs and services and will also provide a community health hub for Durham’s northern communities, increasing access to allied health care services and community organizations. The new facility is scheduled to break ground in 2021,” the media release reads.