Orphaned bear cub finds new home at wildlife sanctuary

bearA young bear cub rescued in the Sunderland area is now recuperating in a nearby wildlife sanctuary.

According to a social media post from Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge in Pefferlaw Wednesday (May 13), the orphaned cub was seen wandering around the Sunderland area for at least four days.

“Very lost, thin and dehydrated, he needed help if he was going to survive. Our thanks to rescuer Dave, who stepped in and made sure this bundle reached the right hands,” the post reads.

“Our little friend was given fluid therapy and then tucked up in comfortable blankets.”

From there, the cub was taken to Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary in Rosseau.

“Our cub is now settled in with another orphaned cub and we expect both to grow safely and well in the specialised rehab environment created for them at Aspen Valley,” the post reads.

bear 2

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