First responders rally in support of frontline workers in Beaverton

First responders rallied in support of frontline staff in Beaverton Thursday (April 15) afternoon.

Adhering to physical distancing recommendations, Durham paramedics, DRPS officers and Brock Township firefighters formed a procession of vehicles that made its way to Lakeview Manor and Fisher’s Your Independent Grocer around 1:30 p.m.

Staff members at both facilities appeared to be extremely touched by the gesture, with several tearing up as the vehicles drove past.

“It was a very emotional moment for not only myself, but my whole store family. For my team to have that moment of appreciation dedicated to them by those services is very special and a moment we will never forget on this journey,” said Russell Fisher, owner of Fisher’s Your Independent Grocer and a volunteer firefighter.

“I know firsthand how hard those services dedicate themselves to the community and they sure showed it today. Our many thanks to them.”

Lakeview Manor video courtesy of Megan Chennie.

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