Brock Township mayor provides reasoning behind burn ban

Over the past few weeks, the Township of Brock has received several enquiries asking why the Township has implemented a burn ban. As Mayor, I would like to educate you the reason for the Township of Brock burn ban.

The federal, provincial and municipal governments are constantly re-enforcing the need for social distancing of all people to help flatten the curve of COVID-19. Whenever possible the social distancing must include our volunteer firefighters. Our fire department responds to several burning complaints throughout the year, meaning that the fire department is sending several firefighters to this type of response. The Township’s top priority during this state of emergency is the safety of our residents and the safety of our staff, which includes our firefighters.

To keep our firefighters safe to the best of our ability we need to limit the number of non-emergency responses such as burning complaints.

It is for that reason that the Township’s Fire Chief, with the support of myself and the CAO, has implemented a burn ban. This will help decrease the number of non-emergency responses, help maintain the social distancing and keep our firefighters safe in their own homes.

I wish to further explain that Brock Township is not alone in the implementation of a burn ban, just to name a few:

– The Ministry of Natural Resources have implemented an Ontario wide burn ban within the regions protected by the MNR;

– Township of Uxbridge;

– Township of Scugog;

– Township of Ramara; and,

– City of Kawartha Lakes

Please note, open-air, recreational and/or agricultural burning in the Township of Brock is strictly prohibited, until further notice. Any such burning during the implementation of a burn ban shall be subject to a fire department invoice. n

Final Note: I encourage you to go on the Township website and take the time to read the new Burn By-Law that council recently passed in January 2020.

Thank you for your continued cooperation. Please let’s continue to work together to flatten the curve of COVID-19.

– Mayor Debbie Bath-Hadden

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