Three residents isolated after respiratory outbreak at Lakeview Manor in Beaverton

UPDATE — The Durham Region Health Department has confirmed that all three residents tested negative for COVID-19. For more information, click HERE.

Three residents of Lakeview Manor in Beaverton have been isolated after displaying symptoms of a respiratory illness.

While few details have been released, the Durham Region Health Department has confirmed that the residents have been tested for COVID-19 as well as other viruses.

“The three residents have been swabbed and will be tested for a number of respiratory viruses including COVID-19. Results are pending,” manager of community and resource development for the Durham Region Health Department.

According to posts on social media from family members of those living in the home, automated calls about the outbreak were received over the weekend and noted that the affected residents live on the second floor of the Old Mill wing.

Once the test results are received, information on the outbreak will be posted HERE.

All long-term care homes run by the Region were closed to non-essential visitors on March 14.

For more information on long-term care homes and the COVID-19 pandemic, click HERE.

Check back for more information as it becomes available.


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