OPP warning public of new scam targeting cell phones

The OPP are warning the public of a new scam targeting cell phones.

While it goes by many different names – including port authentication scam, SIM swap scam, port-out scam or a SIMjacking – the premise is the same.

“The suspect will call your cell phone service provider and request to change your phone number to a different service provider. Depending on your verification or authentication method with your service provider they may only need to know your name, email address, and your postal code,” reads a media release.

“They then transfer the account to a different service provider, accessing your SIM card information. With this they take over the account and your actual phone.”

The scammers would then be able access applications on your phone, including PayPal and banking apps. They could also change the password to your personal email and make purchases on your credit cards.

“This all happens in matter of minutes. The suspect does not require you to do anything. The victim does not allow them access in any way, the service provider provides them with the information needed,” reads the media release.

Police say that you can protect yourself by calling your service provider and asking for a higher level of authentication.

“Do your research and educate yourself and family members who may not be technology-savvy,” the release reads.

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