Injured dog on the mend at Township shelter

An injured dog that was rescued in the Port Bolster area last week is on the mend at the Brock Township Animal Shelter.

According to staff at the shelter, the DRPS reached out for urgent assistance after the dog was found on Highway 48 by a father/son duo on March 3.

“Upon arrival, animal control officers were greeted by Ryan Schnoflak, his father and DRPS officers. Schnoflak advised that he and his dad observed the dog staggering on Highway 48 and followed the dog on to Sideroad 17 to see if he was OK,” reads a statement.

“The dog ran and hide under the truck immobilizing them. They saw the dog was badly injured and contacted the police for assistance. Animal control officers worked to carefully bring the dog – a brindle American Bulldog X – out from under the vehicle and he was immediately transferred to Beaverton Crossroad Veterinary Services for emergency veterinary care.”

Animal control officers stayed with the dog while he was treated.

“According to the veterinarian, he was very lucky as he did not suffer any broken bones and was expected to make a full recovery in time. The teamwork between the public, police, animal control and the veterinary clinic was incredible,” the statement reads.

The dog, now known as Luke, is recovering well and will be placed up for adoption when his rehabilitation is complete.

“A search to find the owner of the dog, who had no identification, has been unsuccessful and as such the full cost of the emergency care will have to be paid by the shelter,” the statement reads.

“The outpouring of love, concern and care from the community has been incredible and Luke is a wonderful sweet and kind dog who will bring great joy to his new family, whoever it may be.”

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