Conservation authority issues spring safety message

The Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) is reminding residents of the dangers that exist near bodies of water, particularly around this time of year.

“Spring is quickly approaching and with warmer temperatures, people look forward to getting outdoors. Warmer temperatures, however, also usually bring rain, melting snow and shifting ice which can contribute to higher, faster flowing water,” reads a media release.

“There is still significant snow cover throughout the Lake Simcoe watershed. The ground remains frozen and local rivers, streams and lakes are partially covered in ice. With warmer weather, comes melting snow and potential rain which will contribute to higher water levels and increased flows in local watercourses.”

As well, slippery and unstable streambanks and extremely cold-water temperatures can also lead to very hazardous and dangerous conditions close to any body of water.

Be safe this spring and remember the following tips:

– Keep family and pets away from the edges of all bodies of water;

– Avoid all recreational activities in or around water; and,

– Where you can, move objects such as chairs or benches away from the water’s edge to avoid losing them during the spring thaw.

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