Councillors take first crack at 2020 budget

Brock Township’s 2020 budget sits with an increase of roughly three percent following the first round of deliberations Friday (Feb. 7).

Councillors made it more than halfway through the operating budget during the marathon session, with talks set to resume Monday (Feb. 10).

One of the main topics of conversation was the debenture on the Sunderland firehall and whether the outstanding amount – roughly $1 million – should be paid outright, renegotiated with a financial institution or financed through Township reserves.

Council has opted against paying off the facility outright this year, with the other two options still on the table.

The potential $1 million expenditure, which was included in the budget by staff, dramatically skewed the bottom line on the first draft.

Another consideration for councillors is a potential change to the way streetlights are billed – the user-pay system that is currently in effect or funded through the general tax levy.

Many of the revisions made to the first draft included the Township’s reserves and reserve funds, which currently sit at $23 million.

Monday’s committee of the whole meeting is slated to get underway at 9 a.m.

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