Provincial funding program for municipalities will continue through 2021

The provincial government has announced that the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund will continue through 2021.

Finance Minister Rod Phillips confirmed the funding program will be maintained at $500 million next year at the Rural Ontario Municipal Association’s annual conference in Toronto.

Phillips noted that consultations on the program will help ensure the funding is better focused to deliver results for small, northern and rural municipalities.

“Municipalities told us how vital the OMPF is to their communities and they need information sooner to plan their budgets,” he said in a media release.

“That’s why we announced allocations for 2020 earlier than ever before, and why we’re committing today to maintain the funding envelope for next year.”

According to Brock Township Treasurer Laura Barta, the municipality is slated to receive more than $877,000 through the program in 2020.

“These funds are used annually to offset the general tax levy,” she said.

“When the payment is reduced it has a direct impact on our tax levy.”

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