U10 Stingerz capture silver medal in Burlington

The U10 Sunderland Stingerz recently captured a silver medal at a tournament in Burlington.

Sunderland opened with a 7-0 win over Mississauga and a 7-2 win over the host club before closing out round-robin play with a 5-2 loss to Dorchester.

A rematch against Dorchester in the finals yielded a similar result, with the Stingerz claiming the silver medal following a 5-2 defeat.

Team members include Peyton Barnett, Delaney O’Grady, Kyla Keeler, Dakota Norris, Mona Keshmirshekan, Ava Keshmirshekan, Kelby Parliament, Violet Munro, MacKenzie Vestby-Hayward, Harlow Martin, Isla Franco, Mackailyn Heggie and Charlee Gregson.

The coaching staff is comprised of Krystin O’Grady, Micki Middleton and Amanda Keeler.

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