James Barker Band nominated for global award

For the second straight year, the James Barker Band has been nominated for a Country Music Association (CMA) award.

The band – which is formed in Woodville – is once again in the running for the Jeff Walker Global Country Artist Award.

“This award recognizes outstanding achievements by a country music artist signed outside of the United States. The artist must have furthered the popularity of country music as well as brought attention to the country music format in their foreign based territory,” reads a post on the CMA website.

Other nominees include Ilse DeLange of The Netherlands and Jill Johnson of Sweden.

The awards are designed to honour industry executives and artists who have supported and made a difference to the growth and promotion of country music in the international marketplace.

“CMA continues to be inspired by and grateful for the support of our international partners in expanding and evolving the country music genre globally,” says Sarah Trahern, CMA Chief Executive Officer.

“We’re thrilled to honor the industry executives, broadcast partners and artists who have impacted the country music community outside of the United States as this year’s CMA International Awards nominees.”

The awards are voted on by international members and will begin being presented in March.

“Such an honour to represent Canada for our second CMA nomination in a row,” reads a social media post from the James Barker Band.

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