Family of six from Cannington grateful for support from firefighters over the holidays

A family of six from Cannington that received a helping hand over the holidays is thankful for the support.

A group of Cannington firefighters and their families purchased roughly $1,000 worth of gifts that were donated to the local couple and their four children through the Nourish Community Hub.

The effort was co-ordinated Gene and Terri Richard.

“It was a combined effort of the firefighters & their families who took on the shopping and then wrapping party at the hall,” Terri Richard said.

“Gene and I honestly can’t get over the gifts that the hall was able to deliver to the hub for the family. So much generosity, and to come together to wrap with many of the spouses and kids there, well it was perfect.”

The family that received the gifts would certainly agree.

“I want to say how thankful and blessed I feel watching my children open their presents on Christmas Day,” wrote the matriarch of the family in an email to The Brock Voice.

“It definitely touched my heart. We had moments of happy tears for sure knowing there is such kind people to help at times like that.”

She explained that her bank account had been defrauded prior to the holidays and she was unsure how to provide gifts for the children.

“That help (from the firefighters) was the kindest sweetest thing. I don’t know what else I can say other than thank you, so thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts,” she wrote.

“We love Cannington and the people in it. Thank you for helping my family at a time of need. You have honestly made our Christmas the best it’s ever been.”

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