Social media group raises nearly $250 for server after her tips were stolen

Members of a social media group raised nearly $250 in support of a Beaverton server that had her tips stolen just before the holidays.

The money was raised through fundraising auctions on Beaverton Treasure Finds earlier this month and was donated to Bobbie Ireland after a thief was caught on camera while dipping into her tip jar.

“I think this hurt the most because I try so hard to be kind. I am always smiling, even when days like today I can hardly speak and would rather be in bed. I put my everything into my job. I believe that hard work and positive attitudes pay off,” Ireland wrote following the incident.

“Today, they didn’t for me. So I was angry. And super hurt. But then I realized, it’s just money. It wasn’t a ton. I won’t retire on what I make in tips, maybe $20 to $30 a shift.”

Ireland was touched by the outpouring of support.

“I cannot explain how thankful I am for the kindness and support in Brock…I am blessed to call it home.”

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