Handy guide to holiday hosting

It’s inevitable – the last-minute gathering you’ll need to plan because you forgot about a specific friend group, or your partner failed to inform you that relatives are coming to town. Here are a few pointers to help you impress everyone, even the hard-to-please.

Plan on the fly
The first step to the ultimate spread is planning, which includes knowing your guests. Start by making a list of all the guests and their dietary restrictions. Jot down the goodies you’ll want to include in your spread. Since time is of the essence, shop somewhere  that will have most, if not all, your needs in one spot – the last thing you need is to make multiple stops when the clock is ticking. Your local pharmacy or department store are bound to be stocked with lots of holiday treats, décor and other fixings for your feast.

Build a budget, and stick to it
After you’ve settled on your list, set a budget. Holidays are always an expensive time, and the last thing you need is to rack up credit card debt to fund a last-minute get-together. Before hitting the road, give yourself an in-store time-limit; this will help you save time and avoid making unnecessary purchases that you won’t need.

Have a selection
You’re never going to know all dietary restrictions – especially when diet trends are constantly evolving. So, include a variety of snacks that cater to all common allergens at a minimum. Stop in at your local Rexall to choose from Rose and Robin’s wide selection of snacks, treats and even servingware to help elevate your spread.  These holiday-themed treats are sure to please everyone, and during your visit you can also stock up on all your quick appetizer needs in the frozen food section.

– News Canada

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