Emergency department at Lindsay hospital reopens after flooding

The emergency department at Ross Memorial Hospital in Lindsay has reopened after water reportedly started spraying from the ceilings Wednesday evening (Dec. 18).

While the cause continues to be investigated, hospital representatives stated in a release that they believe there was a fault that shut off the pre-heat controls within the air handling units. It is believed this caused cold air to circulate and freeze the heating coils, ultimately causing them to split.

“This resulted in the majority of the ER being flooded. Engineers are onsite this morning assessing the heating system within the ER and CT Scan area,” reads the release, in part.

According to the hospital, the incident started at approximately 6:20 p.m. when there were 37 patients in the department. Staff evacuated the patients to other areas of the hospital, including the main lobby.

Members of the local fire department were onsite helping with another issue and came to the emergency department within minutes to help contain the flooding and minimize damage, according to the hospital.

“Our paramedics were also onsite and quickly notified local long-term care homes and other community partners.  They stationed two ambulances at our doors in case we had to quickly transfer any patients,” continues the release.

Throughout the night, EMS reportedly diverted three or four patients to PRHC, one pediatric patient was transferred and 21 ambulatory patients walked in and were treated.

Emergency Room doctors and nurses continued treating and caring for patients in other areas of the hospital.

“Many of our team members came onsite, and those who were at the Hospital stayed to assist, and together we worked to reopen our Emergency Department this morning. It is comforting to know we have incredible first responders available within our community, and the Hospital team sincerely thanks them, our community and neighbouring hospitals for their support,” states the release.

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