Tips for staying on top of your holiday to-do list

This season is a time of short, joyous days and long, growing to-do lists. How can we keep on top of it all while finding me-time? Here are three ways to achieve less stress and more joy this holiday season.

Try a relaxing playlist. Even a busy moment can be an opportunity to decompress. Enjoy baking for your cookie swap while listening to winter tunes. Consider a soundtrack of ambient sounds — the crackle of a roaring fire can be an incredible relaxer.

Let your phone be your personal assistant. Nothing is better than a well-curated digital calendar and the right notification reminders for keeping everything on track. Try the new LG G8X ThinQ with dual screen. The extra screen space enables users to add new events to their calendar while responding to texts on the go or checking off shopping lists, offering an entirely new way of multitasking.

Try a one-day digital detox. So many of us are distracted by online life while balancing real life. This season consider a one-day digital detox. Put away the laptop, TV and social media apps for 24 hours while spending the day at home. Find out how much wrapping, cooking and cuddling with kids can be completed in a day without distraction.

– News Canada

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