Teaching kids to give back during the holidays

We all know the holidays are about more than just presents and parties, but it can be hard putting this into practice and passing this idea on to your kids. Fortunately, there are some simple ways you can educate them on the true spirit of the season:

Set the example. Children are like little mirrors, reflecting what they see. So, it’s up to the parents and adults in their lives to show the importance of giving back especially at this time of year. Get the family together to volunteer at an animal shelter, make an extra effort to visit that relative who lives alone or sponsor a nice dinner for a local family in need.

Pick gifts carefully. Forget the latest trendy gadgets or toys, and introduce your kids to the idea of gifts that give back to others. Start with something they can relate to, like supporting young students with meals, library books, school supplies and uniforms through Canadian Feed The Children’s Best.Gift.Ever catalogue. Your gifts support children who need it most and you’ll get cute cards that make great stocking stuffers!

Prioritize people. Instead of setting aside lots of time at the mall for shopping, make more room in your schedule to spend quality time with your little ones. Whether it’s baking cookies for family and friends, going ice-skating at your local park or curling up on the couch to watch cheesy movies, make sure your kids know that people and spending time with those you love are what matter most.

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– News Canada

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