Seniors group recognized by township council for fundraising efforts

A seniors group has been recognized for its fudnraising efforts for elder abuse programs in Brock Township.

hilariously known as the SHITS (Seniors Helping In-Trouble Seniors) and GIGGLES (Girls In Gillespie Gardens Lending Everyone Support and Services) committee, the group generated more than $1,100 in donations during a bail-and-jail fundraiser back in September.

Despite loudly proclaiming his innocence to anyone within earshot, Beaverton resident and volunteer extraordinaire Jack Little was “arrested” by Brock Mayor Debbie Bath-Hadden, turned over to the DRPS and thrown in a make-shift jail at the village’s fairgrounds.

Close to $1,000 was raised that day, with additional donations flowing in after the event. All proceeds were donated to the Durham Elder Abuse Network.

At Monday (Nov. 25) night’s meeting of council, Mayor Bath-Hadden presented the members of the group – Betty-Anne Perry, Judy Eddy, Lois More and Mary Beddows – with a certificate of appreciation from the Township.

“It’s commendable to see seniors working on behalf of other seniors,” Mayor Bath-Hadden said, inviting them to attend a concert by Miranda Lambert at the Tribute Community Centre in May.

The group presented Mayor Bath-Hadden with a framed photo commemorating her involvement in the fundraiser and noted that they plan to expand their efforts into Cannington and Sunderland in the future.


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