Carbon monoxide alarms help save lives in Scugog

Fire officials in Scugog Township are crediting carbon monoxide alarms for saving lives following a pair of incidents last week.

According to a media release, these incidents serve as reminders to all residents to have their fuel-burning appliances inspected annually by a qualified contractor and to install and maintain carbon monoxide alarms.

On Nov. 18 and 19, Scugog Fire & Emergency Services responded to two separate CO alarm check calls.

“At each of the incidents it was determined that CO was present in the homes. In both cases, residents did the right thing by evacuating and calling 911 as soon as they were alerted to the danger. For this reason, nobody required medical attention,” reads a media release.

The cause of one of the calls was determined to be a faulty furnace, while the other is still being investigated.

“The incidents that have occurred in Scugog this week are stark reminders of the importance of working carbon monoxide alarms,” said Scugog Fire Prevention Officer Kristy Pankhurst.

“Carbon monoxide is also known as the silent killer because you cannot see, smell or taste it. In Ontario, more than 65 percent of injuries and deaths from carbon monoxide occur in the home. To make sure that everyone is safe from carbon monoxide, you must have a working carbon monoxide alarm adjacent to each sleeping area if your home has a fuel-burning appliance, a fireplace or an attached garage.”


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