Region dropping speed limit on stretches of two roads in Brock

The Durham works department has approved a pair of requests from township councillors to lower speed limits on regional roads.

The speed limit for a nearly two-kilometre stretch on Regional Road 15 – from roughly the old restaurant east of Highway 12 to Concession 5 Thorah – will be reduced from 70-km/h to 60.

“Additionally, the Region will continue to monitor the operating speeds on Regional Road 15 and consider the location for a rotational speed radar feedback sign which will record and monitor vehicle speeds as well as display messages to help modify driver behaviour if necessary,” reads a letter to the Township from Steven Kemp, the Region’s manager of transportation engineering and operations.

As well, Ward 1 Councillor Mike Jubb has reported that the speed limit will also be dropping to 60-km/h on a 500-metre stretch of Regional Road 23 near Concession 5 Thorah south of Beaverton.

“This is an effort to slow motorists down approaching the residential area approaching town,” he wrote in a social media post.

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