Your turn to travel? Holiday help for senior passengers

Holidays are a time to be with family, but they aren’t always nearby and can’t always come to you. If it’s your turn to travel to the kids and grandkids, here are some tips to get into the air as easily as Santa does.

Just like the man in red, the most important part of the work starts before you even leave the house. Knowing what to pack where makes going through airport security screening a breeze.

Prescription and non-prescription medications (contact lens solution, cough syrup, gel capsules) can go in your carry-on luggage. They’re exempt from the 100-millilitre liquids limit and do not have to be placed with other liquids in a 1-litre plastic bag. Large bottles of pills made with inorganic powder and granular materials (e.g. glucosamine supplements) are limited to a quantity of 350 millilitres per passenger in your carry-on. Best to pack those in your checked bag.

You can also bring medical supplies, equipment and mobility aids on board with you in addition to the two carry-on bag limit.

When you arrive at the screening checkpoint, you may want to use the family/special needs line. This line has screening equipment that can accommodate larger items like mobility aids. There are screening officers who can offer additional assistance to people needing more time or help.

Find more tips and info, including a page dedicated to seniors and special sections for people with limited mobility or medically necessary equipment at, or by downloading CATSA’s free mobile app. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter for daily tips and to ask questions.

– News Canada

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