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Brock postal worker recognized for preventing fraud

A Canada Post employee in Brock Township has been recognized for protecting an elderly resident from alleged fraud.

According to Durham Regional Police, the employee recognized and prevented “a costly mail fraud” targeting an elderly resident.

In efforts to thank the employee, Const. Bowers presented her with a DRPS jacket.

In an interview Thursday (Nov. 14) afternoon, the employee – Vicki Bond – noted that she’s not the only one worthy of recognition.

“It was me and another employee (Brigette Burney). I just made the call to the police,” she said.

“It was a total team effort.”

According to Bond, the customer was intent on participating in a lottery scam where money is sent in order to secure a supposed prize.

“We see it every week and it happens every day in post offices across the country,” Bond said.

“Unfortunately, these scammers tend target vulnerable people.”

After the customer made three attempts, Bond and Burney made the decision to bring the matter to their supervisor, who urged them to call the police.

“We were just doing our jobs,” Bond said.

“We thought we needed to get involved before the customer lost a lot of money.”

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