Beaverton Town Hall Players deliver plenty of laughs

To the editor:

This is a review of the Nov. 2 performance of the Beaverton Town Hall Players’ production of the Odd Couple – Female Version, written by Neil Simon.

This was a real gem of a production! Running for two weeks at the Beaverton Town Hall, I attended the second Saturday performance.

Laughter, almost non-stop, was the order of the evening. Starting from the opening Act – and ending after Act II with the cast singing the song ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ – this was a performance that kept the audience in a constant state of laughter.

Accolades to the entire cast and the behind-the-scenes production crews, including the director, Gail Henderson, the stage manager and assistant, set design and construction crews, props manager, lighting and sound crew, publicity and program coordinators.

The timing, pace and projection of the actors was spot-on. The interactions amongst the cast (Sylvie, Mickey, Renee, Vera, Olive Madison, Florence Unger, Manuel and Jesus) kept the audience riveted to their seats so as not to miss the constant witty zingers and changing facial expressions of the characters.

Most noteworthy in Act II were the uproarious bickering and banter between Olive Madison and Florence Unger, and the Costazuela brothers’ Spanish lingo which often was a source of humorous misunderstandings.

Judging by the applause and reception at the end of the performance, I would say that this was a monumental and memorable show.

Thank-you, Beaverton Town Hall Players! I’m still chuckling about the unforgettable performance you presented!

Ken Scruton

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