Brock Community Food Bank calls on council for support

The Brock Community Food Bank has called on Brock Township council for support.

In a recent presentation, board member Joe Martin asked council to consider setting aside a “sizeable sum” to support the organization during budget deliberations next year.

While he didn’t set a specific target, he did suggest a donation of $1 for each resident of the township.

“We need real money,” he said.

The volunteer organization provides service to just under 600 people from locations in Beaverton and Sunderland.

In recent years, Martin told members of council that he’s noticed a “shocking” change in demographics, estimating that roughly a quarter of clients are those aged 50 and up.

Those living on fixed incomes are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet.

“We all know about the price of groceries,” he said.

“The packaging is smaller and the price is higher.”

The request will likely be considered sometime early in the new year.

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