Volunteer drivers needed for meal delivery program

Volunteer drivers are needed for a meal delivery program that recently fired up for township seniors and those with disabilities.

Similar to Meals on Wheels, the program – facilitated by Community Care Durham and The Nourish and Develop Foundation – runs each Wednesday.

In a recent presentation to council, Karen Clegg and Lorrie Houston of Community Care Durham noted that the only issue thus far is lining up volunteer drivers for those in need.

“It really seems to be taking off…but to keep the program going, we need volunteers,” Clegg said.

“The only holding us back is a lack of volunteers,” Houston added.

More than two dozen people have already signed up for the weekly meals, which consists of soup, an entrée and dessert at a cost of $7.50.

Preparation is handled by The Nourish and Develop Foundation, with Community Care Durham arranging delivery.

“What a perfect partnership,” Houston noted.

In addition to delivering the meals, volunteers will also check on the well-being of those taking part.

For more information, contact the Brock office of Community Care Durham at 705-432-2900 or send an email to kclegg@communitycaredurham.on.ca

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