Online fundraiser organized for one of the victims in Zephyr explosion

An online fundraiser has been organized for one of the men that was severely injured in a home explosion in Zephyr Tuesday (Oct. 9) night.

According to the post, 35-year-old D’arcy Stephens was the gasfitter that was working on a furnace at a home on Regional Road 39 (Concession 3) at the time. The homeowner also suffered serious injuries.

“D’Arcy was taken to the Uxbridge Hospital and then immediately rushed to the Toronto Burn Unit, along with the resident of the house. D’Arcy remains there in critical condition in a medically induced coma. He suffered burns all over his body, with severe burns to his hands, forearms, face and neck. D’Arcy had immediate emergency surgery as an attempt to save his hands and eyesight and we can only hope these surgeries were successful,” it reads.

“The family has since found out that immediately after the explosion, D’Arcy fought his way out of the house, escaping through a basement window, undoubtedly thinking about his three young children (nine-year-old Zander, six-year-old Maddox and four-year-old Oriah) and the love of his life (Alicia) waiting for him at home. He was doing everything he could to make sure they still had a father and partner.”

The initiative has raised more than $1,300 thus far but has a goal of $50,000.

“This fundraising campaign will ensure that D’Arcy and his family can concentrate on his healing and putting his life back together after this devastating tragedy. The funds raised in this campaign will go directly to Alicia and D’Arcy to cover the inevitable costs and financial stress that comes from such desperate times, simply to cover everyday things like daycare, food, rent, parking fees and gas.

“While D’Arcy remains in critical condition, Alicia and her children would like to thank everyone for their support during this extremely difficult and traumatic time, and they want to remind everyone to hug those they are thankful for a little tighter this Thanksgiving.”

For more information on the fundraiser, click HERE.

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