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Federal election candidates square off in Cannington

The five candidates in the running to serve as the area’s next MP squared off in Cannington Thursday (Oct. 3) night.

Upwards of 60 people packed the auditorium of the Rick MacLeish Memorial Community Centre for a debate hosted by The Brock Voice and the Brock Board of Trade. Brock Township and The Nourish and Develop Foundation also served as partners for the event.

Click the links below for video clips from the five candidates — Jamie Schmale (Conservative), Judi Forbes (Liberal), Barbara Doyle (NDP), Elizabeth Fraser (Green) and Gene Balfour (People’s Party of Canada).

Opening Statements

How would your party foster economic development in a rural community like Brock Township?

How does your party plan to support the current effort to develop a national food policy?

Why does Brock need you to represent us at the federal level?

What will each candidate do to help prevent further problems for our area of Lake Simcoe — specifically of the issues of high phosphates, sedimentation and the use of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides?

What is your party’s strategy to reduce the debt?

How would your party combat the growing opioid crisis?

What is your party’s proposed approach to financing municipal infrastructure?

In light of recent protests, how would your party address climate change?

How would your party improve affordable housing options in rural communities like Brock Township?

Does your party plan on changing gun laws, if so, how and why?

How would your party address the issues of agri-food trade policy?

Closing Statements

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