Resident calls for more accessible parking spaces in downtown Beaverton

Letter to township council:

Unfortunately, I recently had an illness that left me with mobility deficits. While I am recovering, this brought to light that Beaverton only has one accessible parking space on Simcoe Street, at the post office. Should our downtown core not be more accessible to all?

I have found myself going out of town where we can find close parking as I am unable to walk much of a distance now. We are a town of many seniors with aids such as canes and walkers, others with cardiac issues and poor lung function, cancers and other live-threatening issues and/or diseases. It’s not easy for “us” to get around as it is.

One might argue that it’s not too far of a walk from the post office to a pharmacy or such (if it’s available) but unless one has walked the walk one would never understand. May I respectfully propose one additional accessible parking spot on each side of the road in our mid-downtown area to give us equal rights and access to the pharmacies and other local retailers? We too are taxpayers and depend on our region to support our needs.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated support.

Susan A. Brown

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