Bodies found in Manitoba believed to be BC murder suspects

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police of Manitoba say bodies found Wednesday (Aug. 7) morning are believed to be of the two men wanted in connection with homicides in British Columbia earlier this year.

“The search is over,” tweeted the Manitoba RCMP at 3 p.m. Wednesday.

According to the RCMP, at 10 a.m., officers located the bodies of two males, believed to be of Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod near the Nelson River. The bodies were found approximately eight kilometres from where a burnt vehicle, previously linked to the suspects, was located.

“Our officers knew we needed just one piece of evidence to move the search forward,” reads another tweet from the Manitoba RCMP, noting that on Aug. 2, items found on the river’s shoreline enabled officers to narrow the search.

The bodies were reportedly found in the dense brush, within one kilometre of where the items were found.

“Thanks to the communities & the leadership of Gillam, Fox Lake Cree Nation, Ilford War Lake First Nation & York Landing – your lives have been disrupted, many of you lived with uncertainty & fear, but throughout, you were resilient & helped our officers get the job done. This was a search that could not have been successfully achieved without the help from our partners at the Canadian Armed Forces, from RCMP employees who came in from across the country and from multiple private partners,” reads additional tweets from the RCMP.

“Above all however, it was a search that could only be successful if we had strong public engagement and support. Thank you to all Canadians for remaining vigilant, for calling us with information and most importantly, for being our partners.”

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