Police investigating animal cruelty allegations at Scugog farm

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The DRPS is investigating allegations of animal cruelty at a rural property in Scugog Township following an outcry on social media.

While few details have been released, police made note of the investigation on social media late Tuesday (July 30).

Police say a veterinarian accompanied officers to check on the health of the animals after hundreds of people on social media raised concerns about the conditions at the property on Regional Road 19.

“An investigator from the Animal Welfare Operations Unit will be attending to assist. We will have a further update once we receive more information. The health and welfare of these animals are paramount and we are working with our local agricultural partners and the community,” reads a follow-up post from police.

Scott Sharpe, an area resident that visited the property for work on Monday afternoon, was the first to raise an alarm, posting a series of photos to social media.

While he contacted police, he said that little action was taken by responding officers.

“They spoke with the owner who said that he just bought those calves at the auction and they got a virus. He said that one had just died this morning and he’d been giving the other one medication. The cops said there wasn’t much they could do,” he said in an interview that night.

“It sucks because those animals definitely aren’t being treated right.”

His post prompted volunteers from Dog Tales Rescue and Shelter to tour the property on Tuesday and they shared a 10-minute video highlighting the “horrendous” living conditions of roughly three dozen animals.

As of midnight, the video (below) has generated nearly 3,000 shares and more than 92,000 views.

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