Pride flag goes missing from Trinity United Church in Cannington

Officials at Trinity United Church in Cannington are hoping for the return of a Pride flag that went missing earlier this week.

According to a social media post, the flag went missing at some point between Wednesday and Thursday (July 10 and 11).

“We are hopeful that someone has it for safe keeping if it fell down or was blown down. We have also filed a police report if anyone has seen anything,” the post reads.

“We will remain hopeful and, as always, an inclusive and affirmed congregation.”

Trinity United Church was recently formally recognized as an affirming ministry by Affirm United as part of a program that provides support for sexual orientation and gender identity struggles for equity and justice. It also encourages the study of other resources that promote the inclusion of other marginalized groups.

“We were required to go through an educational/discernment process that reflects on what it means to be inclusive and includes others in the life and work of our ministry,” said parishioner Sharon Woodrow.

“We looked at a variety of areas that may be barriers to those coming to our community, age, gender, race, ability, class, economic status – and in particular to the affirming ministry – sexual orientation and gender identity.”

The church adopted a new mission statement as part of the initiative.

“As the people of Trinity United Church, we affirm and support the life experience of all.  We aim to provide a safe, nurturing environment where we intentionally welcome all into the total life and ministry of the Trinity family, including but not limited to: persons of any age, colour, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, intellectual and physical ability, family configuration, social or economic circumstance, mental health or religious affiliation,” it reads.

“All persons are invited to take part in every aspect of church life including membership, leadership. Celebrating life passages and marriage.  We are publicly committed to working and living together in our journey toward justice for all of God’s people.”

According to the organization’s website, Affirm was formed in 1982 to support individual lesbian and gay members of The United Church of Canada and to advocate with the church for their full inclusion. Affirm worked with the support of allies within Friends of Affirm, a separate entity. The two groups later merged to become Affirm United.

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