Take a hike in Brock Township

Brock Township offers a range of trails suitable for hiking, cycling, and horseback riding:

Beaver River Wetland Conservation Area and Trail
Running from Blackwater to Cannington, this former railway line has been converted into a scenic 12.5-km trail along the Beaver River. Access it from Blackwater, Brock Concession 4, 5, 6, 7, 11 and Highway 7.

Trans Canada Trail
An abandoned railway line connecting Uxbridge, Sunderland and Lindsay, this trail runs along the Beaver River. The 20-km path connects to the Beaver River Wetland Conservation Area and Trail in Blackwater. Access it from Lake Ridge Road, Blackwater, and Simcoe Street.

MacLeod Park Nature Trail
This 2.5-km trail forms a loop through Cannington’s MacLeod Park alongside the Beaver River. Access it by the Cannington Historical Buildings.

Lagoon Reserve Walk
This 2-km trail loops around the fairgrounds and continues south. Access it at Beaverton Harbour.

Reconnect with the great outdoors in your own community. Brock trails are sure to provide a summer of active living and adventure!